Fancy meeting you here

Hi there! Welcome to the new home of The Batter Thickens! Pretty spiffy digs, huh?

While everything's still new and clean and sparkly, we wanted to take a moment to invite you in to have a look around. Here's the foyer... the living room... the kitchen, of course, with our beautiful blue KitchenAid mixer proudly displayed on the counter... notice the wood floors, they're made out of re-purposed wood from a demolished barn, we're pretty proud of them... the crown molding is pretty fancy, too (yes, we did have to ask our designer what 'crown molding' is)... bathroom's down the hall on your left if you need it... can I get anyone any refreshments? Wine? Water? A brownie?

Nothing essential about The Batter Thickens has changed. We're still just as nuts about all things chocolate and peanut butter, still up to our eyes in butter and sugar, still brainstorming, baking, and shooting photos with gluttonous imaginations and eyes bigger than our stomachs. We still have the same frosting-smeared face you know and (hopefully) love. We just had a little minor work done, that's all. Nothing too extreme, just a nip here, a tuck there, a little Botox between the brows. Basically, we look exactly the same...but better.

We were very fond of our old abode on Blogspot, but we felt it was time to upgrade to something a little more "professional" looking, something that might convince people we were serious food bloggers and not just amateurs who shoot photos on a 14x14in bedside table in their dorm room (for example). We like to think this new site might do the trick.

Some of our favorite features about this new site: cuter, more user-friendly social media buttons (top right); a live twitter feed; a super fancy visual recipe index (seriously, it's beautiful, go check it out); an updated "about us" page, featuring shots from a super awkward photo shoot we attempted last time I was home that made it all too clear that we belong in the kitchen, not the spotlight; a "recent posts" menu that displays picture previews (bottom right); and a neat, non-blurry new logo.

So come on in, have a look around, and make yourself comfortable! We hope you like our new home and decide to stay for a while. We promise to feed you well and always say yes to second helpings. 

Important: Switching sites did not come without a few inconveniences, one of which being that the email subscription service does not transfer over. So if you were subscribed to our posts via email on the old site, you will need to resubscribe in order to continue receiving email updates. It's really easy - just enter your email address in that fancy box to your right and press "Submit."

Or, if you prefer to receive updates through other social media services, we can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The cute little buttons at top right will connect you to The Batter Thickens via your preferred social medium. Come say hi! Talking about delicious things is one of our favorite hobbies, as you may have noticed.

We're so excited so start sharing yummy recipes and photos here on our new site, and we hope you are too!

Wishing you all things sweet,

Molly & Audrey