Leftover Birthday Cake Bites

So you made a phenom birthday cake, but now it's a week later and the are only a few pieces left. You can't bear to callously just throw away such delicious cake, but the truth is it's drying out and going stale. What can you do? Make cake bites!

Cake bites are essentially cake pops minus the stick because you're a creative-minded independent thinker so you didn't go cake pop crazy a couple years ago and hence do not own any cake pop sticks. Never mind that this problem could be solved by a quick trip to your local Target. You are sticking to your principles, dang it!

Anyway. Cake bites. In just a few easy peasy steps, you can bring your stale leftover birthday cake back to life. All you have to do is follow our super sophisticated instructions and step-by-step photo guide. (Demonstrated using leftovers from our Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pretzel Cake.)


Leftover cake

Melted chocolate


Step one: Dump your cake (rather unceremoniously) into a medium-sized mixing bowl.

how to make cake pops

Step two: Mash up the cake and frosting until they are homogenous.

cake pop batter

If you were generous enough when frosting your cake, you should already be set for your cake and frosting ratio. If there's not enough frosting to bind the cake together, for heaven's sake be more liberal next time you frost a cake, and add a binding agent (more frosting, some peanut butter, etc) one spoonful at a time until the cake will hold its shape when you squeeze it.

making cake pops

Step three: Scoop cake into balls with a cookie scoop so the bites are uniform in size.

Step four: Roll 'em into pretty balls!

rolling cake pops

Step five: Stick 'em with toothpicks dipped in melted chocolate.

This will give you something to hold onto when you dip the cake balls themselves into chocolate. The melted chocolate on the toothpick makes it stay put better. Refrigerate them for a few minutes to allow the chocolate to set.

making cake pops

Step six: Dip those suckers in chocolate!

If you're feeling fancy, you can decorate them with sprinkles. Otherwise, give them a few minutes to rest while the chocolate sets, and then pop one in your mouth! You can put them back in the fridge to speed up the setting process if you have company coming over or your sweet tooth is clamoring, but they can be stored at room temperature.

cake pops

See how easy that was? Honestly, you have no excuse for wasting leftover birthday cake ever again. Don't let me catch you anywhere near that trash can.


- Molly