Coconut Cashew Cookies

Most of the recipes on this blog come from food-phases Molly and I fall into. You know, like, you try a food and then become OB-sessed with it and try to think of ways to incorporate it into every single aspect of your every day life?

So currently we're having a coconut moment.

Specifically, a coconut cashew moment. Inspired by coconut-cashew Quest bars and coconut cashew butter that I made on a whim with leftover cashews and that changed my life.

The amount of coconut cashew butter I've had per day for the past week and a half is obscene. But I don't care. Because it's that good. I've eaten it with a spoon more often than not, but also put it in overnight oats, oatmeal, energy balls, aaaaand these cookies.

These cookies. They're the epitome of everything I've been obsessed with. The soft and chewy-ness of the cookie combined with the sweet and strong-coconut of the filling. Chewy coconut cashew yumminess. The yummy ruined the alliteration there, but no synonym starts with a c, so I'll just have to deal with that.


Are you obsessed with any foods at the moment? Please share- I always love getting new ones. 


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Coconut Cashew Butter Cookie Sandwiches

Makes 2 dozen cookies, 1 dozen cookie sandwiches


-       1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

-      1/4 cup coconut oil (hard)

-       1/2 cup dark brown sugar

-      1/4 cup granulated sugar

-      1 large egg

-       1/2 cup coconut cashew butter

-       1 teaspoon vanilla extract, or 1 teaspoon coconut extract for a stronger coconut flavor

-       1 cup whole wheat flour

-       1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

-       1 teaspoon baking powder

-       1 teaspoon baking soda

-       2/3 cup white chocolate chips (optional)


Preheat oven to 350F. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Set aside.

In a large bowl, cream the butter, coconut oil, brown sugar, and granulated sugar together at medium speed using an electric mixer or stand mixer with a paddle attachment. Add the cashew butter and beat for 1 minute. Add the egg and vanilla and beat until combined and creamy. Scrape down the sides to ensure everything is mixed together.

In a separate large bowl, mix the flour, oats, baking powder, and baking soda. Slowly add the dry flour mixture to the wet ingredients and mix until just combined. Do NOT overmix. Fold in the white chocolate chips.

Drop 2 Tablespoon balls onto an ungreased baking sheet or silpat. Flatten very slightly. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes - the cookies will be VERY soft. Transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely.

When completely cool, sandwich around coconut frosting (below).

Coconut Frosting

1 stick butter

2-2.5 cups powdered sugar

1-2 teaspoons coconut extract (depending how strong you want it)

Pinch salt, if needed

Beat butter until light and fluffy, then slowly beat in powdered sugar, increasing speed gradually until it is all incorporated and fluffy. Add coconut extract a teaspoon at a time until it has reached your desired flavor. Add salt if it is too sweet.


Cookies based off of this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction, frosting is an original recipe.